Modify your publishing templates


Make modifications to your publishing templates at any time.

Tip: Create an archived copy of your templates and store these locally before you make any modifications. This way you can revert back to the originals if needed.

  • To modify a Word publishing template:

  1. Log in to the Author-it Cloud Portal and open Files.

  2. Navigate to the folder containing your Word Templates.

  3. Open and download the templates that you want to modify.

  4. Save the file locally.

    Download Template

  5. Right-click to open the template file.

    Opening a Word Template

    Ensure the template has been opened; the template extension will be shown next to the name in the window header.

    Open Word Template

    Note: if you double-click the file, or click Open with... from the shortcut menu, Word will open a new document based on the template rather than opening the template file.

    Document Opened

  6. Make your changes to the template then save as .dot or .dotx.

  7. Go back to the template folder in Files and either rename the existing template (if you don't have an archived copy stored locally) or delete the template (if you do have an archived copy). You must do this before you can upload the modified template; Files does not support overwriting existing files during the upload process.

  8. Upload the file to Files.

    Upload Button in Files

  9. Publish a book with the template to check your modifications.