Linked resource files usage


You can link directly to an external resource file from within a slide, or, in the published output, you can display a list of all resource files and download for opening locally. Also refer to Link behaviour.

  • To link to a resource file from a slide

  1. Open the slide topic.

  2. Select the text on which to place the link.

  3. Click the button: Insert hyperlink object

  4. Click New to create a new Hypertext link object.

  5. Give it a name and base it on a template.

  6. Open the Hypertext Links tab.

  7. In the Internet URLs area at the bottom, click Add.

  8. Click in the link field and delete http://www. then add the name of one of your resource files, complete with file type, e.g. user_guide.docx

  9. Click OK.

  • To open the resource file list in the published output

  1. Hover over the ellipses button at the bottom of a slide and click the Resources button.

  2. Click an entry in the list.

    Depending on the file type, the file is either downloaded for viewing locally, or opened in a new tab.