Link to or add external resources to a Honeycomb course


Each Honeycomb course includes a Resources section. This section gives learners a single place to download any files that were used during the course, such as PDFs or spreadsheets, instead of having to search individual slides:

  1. Create a folder named resources in a central network location.

  2. Add the resource files to this folder.

  3. In Author, create a file object based on the Linked HTML Resources File Template.

  4. Go to Web > Linked HTML.

  5. Click >> .

  6. Click Add.

  7. Navigate to your resources folder and select a file.

  8. Click Open.

  9. Click Edit.

  10. Remove the filename. The file path must end with your resources folder.

  11. Save.

  12. Add the file object to a slide your Honeycomb course.

    Note: You can add the file object to any slide in your course. Learners won't see the file object.