Insert the Footer Content


Insert the footer content as shown in the figure:

footer topic contents

The background banner must be placed in the background. The other elements should be placed on top of it. The order of placement of these elements during PDF ProCSS publishing is clockwise from header-left to footer-left. That means that it places the header elements from left to right, and the footer elements from right to left.

For the example footer, this means that it places the content in the following order:

  1. The background banner

  2. The Author-it logo

  3. The book title

  4. The page number

The logo, title and page number are placed on top of the banner.

Of course, the banner (a standard File object) should have sufficient width to cover the page width. Use a right-aligned paragraph style to make sure that the banner is right-aligned.

The title and page number are created with the building blocks.