Import the XML File with Required Object Templates


Before you start with PDF ProCSS publishing, you need to install the required object templates. Copy the folder structure to your Templates folder.

The download contains a XML file in the Templates\PDF ProCSS\CSS Example folder.

Install the vbs files in the directory: C:\_scripts_ .

  1. Import the XML file into your library.

  2. Make sure that you select all objects for import.

    The import results in some new object templates and a book with example content.

  3. Allow the importer to create new folders. In that case, it will create a new folder in the root, with some sub folders.

  4. There are no objects overwritten or placed in other folders, unless you change the object mapping.

    The folder structure looks like this:

  5. Open the PDF ProCSS publishing profile.

    During import, the AIT_DATA_PATH variable is created.

  6. In Administrator, set the correct value for AIT_DATA_PATH. See instructions in the Description field.

  7. To test the setup, publish the Example book to the imported publishing profile.

If publishing does not work, verify the following: