Import the DITA XML File


The DITA templates folder, located in Data > Templates, contains the Author-it XML file used to create the topic templates and styles required to create DITA content. The objects are created in your library when you import the DITA Styles.xml file.

  1. Open the library you want to import the files into.

  2. Choose the folder to import into.

    For example, by using the Restricted folder, the new templates are in located under the same parent folder as your existing templates. If the folder in your library has a different name, the import creates a new Restricted folder. If this happens, just move the new templates to the correct template folder.

  3. Go to Import > Author-it > XML File from the main window.

  4. Navigate to the folder containing the DITA Styles.xml file, then click Open to begin importing.

    The Object Mapping window opens. Information from the XML file is mapped to (New Object) which creates the new templates and objects necessary for creating DITA content.

  5. From the Object Mapping window, select all of the objects.

    Importing DITA XML (1)

  6. Click Next.

    The Object Relation Mapping window opens with a list of all objects that are related to the ones being imported - in this case Media objects and Style objects. The objects must be mapped before the import can proceed.

    Importing DITA XML (2)

  7. Click Next to continue.

  8. From the prompt to create a new folder for the imported objects, click Yes.

    A DITA templates folder is added to your library.

  9. From the prompt to create a new variable, click Yes.

    This creates the <dita_topic_type> variable in Author-it Administrator.

    A progress bar displays as the XML import.

  10. Once the import is complete, click Close.