Image size requirements


The following table provides the optimum dimensions for images when included on the different slide types, and whether scaling is automatically applied.


Optimum dimensions

Scaling applied automatically

Background image

1500px (w) x 1000px (h)

No scaling is applied:

  • smaller images are aligned to the top-left corner of the screen

  • larger images are cropped to fit

Footer logos

Left logo (Footer Image 1)

130px (w) x 50px (h)

Large images are scaled down to the optimum size

right logo (Footer Image 2)

180px (w) x 50px (h)

Large images are scaled down to the optimum size


640px (w) x 360px (h)

Embedded video (YouTube)

640px (w) x 360px (h) in iframe


These can be any size

If necessary, scroll bars will be added to the slide to view all the content.

Responsive content embedded as iframe

540px (h)

The responsive content should be included as iframe content. The height of the iframe can be specified, though the optimum is 540 px.

Carousel slides

800(w) x 480(h) pixels

Images smaller than the optimum dimensions are scaled up; those larger are scaled down.

For best results, have all images at the same size.


Depends on the grid lay-out of the slide where you use the rollover feature:

Full width: 2400px (w) x 454px (h)

Two column: 1170px (w) x 454px (h)

Three column: 760px (w) x 454px (h)

In the output, the height is always maximized to 227px, which means that the images are cropped to fit that height.