Headers and Footers


In standard print publishing (Word, and Word to PDF), headers and footers are defined in the Word template as autotext entries and specified in the Media objects used by topics.

When publishing to PDF ProCSS the headers and footers are defined by special topics stored in a sub book based on the [Headers and Footers] template. These topics are added to the Media objects instead of Autotext entries. The Headers and Footers sub book must be added as the first object in the book structure.

The headers and footers book contains topics that define the layout of the headers and footers. Every unique header that is used for this book must be defined as a separate topic in the headers and footers book.

Header topics are based on the [Header] template. Footer topics are based on the [Footer] template.

Which header or footer is published on the top or bottom of a page, depends on the Media object that is valid for the topic. In the Media object, use the Header/Footer definition to refer to a header or footer topic.

Note: You cannot define the header or footer names by an import of autotext entry names from a Word template. In the Header and Footer Names window, you can insert the names manually and add them as a footer or header to the list.

Note: In a future release, Author-it will enable topic selection in the Media object header and footer selection menus.

The headers and footers book object has all output options disabled. Therefore, it will not publish when you publish to Word. The header and footer topic objects have Print output enabled.