Grid types


There are essentially two types of grid slide:

  • rows/columns. Ideal for adding videos, animations or images that can be clicked to open popups with explanatory information.

    The images can also be configured with 'rollover' where a preview of the popup explanation is shown.

  • division of the slide width into thirds, either as 1/3 x 2/3 or 2/3 x 1/3, or 2x1 or 3x1. Designed more for showing text next to images, with no extra popup windows to open.

Each slide is created as a topic, with each grid layout having a corresponding topic template and full screen topic template, either of which can be used to create it.

The topic heading always becomes the slide title, and you can include a subtitle, but no introductory text. All other content needed for the slide must be added through the different grid elements.

The full screen template displays the output slide without the slide title, subtitle and presentation footer information.

Refer to Grid layouts and topic order for details of the different grids that can be created.