Format Magellan tables used for layout only


In Author, tables can be created and used purely for layout purposes. The tables have no borders, shading, or header row, they simply position text in a particular pattern or location. When published to Magellan, these tables will be affected by any CSS that applies to tables. The CSS could apply borders, shading, or other unintended visual elements. To ensure layout only tables appear as required, use CSS that specifically targets those tables and defines their appearance.    

  • To format tables used for layout:

  1. Open the contentstyles.css file in your theme folder.

  2. Add the following CSS to contentstyles.css, editing it to suit your needs:

    .noheader.noborders.noshading table,
    .noheader.noborders.noshading table td {
        border: none;
        background-color: transparent;
        box-shadow: none;