Files and folders in a published Honeycomb course


The Honeycomb published output contains the following files and folders:

  • Assets:

    • audio, as linked in the output

    • images, both the standard Honeycomb images and the ones from Author-it content

    • resources such as attached documents

    • Videos, as linked in the output

  • Config

    • Course.xml: this file is the table of contents for the WBT. It also contains metadata as SCORM version, and transition times.

  • CSS: a copy of all style sheets as defined in the template folder hv_src

  • Data: all textual data for the WBT. All slides/pages are converted to json files.

    • In data\common\en, the resources.xml file can be found if any resources have been attached. This file defines the resources, as found in the resources folder.

  • HTML: all content converted into one continuous HTML file

  • Js: all kinds of external libraries that are used in the application.

  • Log: the publishing log file for Honeycomb rendering.

    • The log file shows:

      • Warnings

      Warnings are not fatal. Examples of warnings: when feedback topics at questions are missing, or missing assets.

      • Errors

      • If a configuration for a slide type is wrong.

      • If content is ignored because it is not properly formatted. In that case the output shows a red box with 'Debug' on it.

  • Resource files for animations

  • Imsmanifest.xml and metadata.xml are files that are required for running the output in a Learning Management System (LMS).