Example Honeycomb courses


Training is a key aspect to productivity, efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Training goals are more easily reached when you can deploy training across an organization, regardless of geography.

The following training types represent an elearning/mobile curriculum that an organization can build with its existing documentation and Honeycomb. For this example, the ACME company is a manufacturer of teleportation devices.

icon_OpenNewWindowThese training examples are available on the Honeycomb preview website.

Introduction training

This course is designed as an introduction to the science of teleportation for ACME staff. In addition to quickly and easily presenting basic knowledge on the fundamentals of teleportation by using interactions and navigation, it also includes short assessments for staff to check their knowledge.

Sales training

This Sales Training course reuses key content from the product documentation, with a focus on quickly enabling sales staff to guide buyers through ACME's product range, ask and answer common questions, and help customers choose the correct ACME product and accessories. This course includes interactive elements to enable side-by-side conversations with customers on the showroom floor.

Accessories training

The Accessories training course is a more specific course for sales and services team members, focusing only on ACME's wide range of accessories. The course reuses the same interactive product catalog from the Sales training course, with additional quizzes to ensure ACME staff can recommend the appropriate accessories for each ACME customer.

Engineer training

The Engineering training course is a larger self-paced training course for new ACME engineers. It includes interactive branching to allow the learner to work through different sections instead of the traditional linear elearning. It concludes with quizzes and a randomized assessment pulled from a large question bank. This course extensively reuses material from product and engineering documentation, as well as sections of training from other courses.

User guide

The User Guide training is a comprehensive training course built almost entirely by reusing content from the product documentation. This course is an excellent example of how flat, linear documentation can be quickly re-purposed into an interactive knowledge application. This course includes quizzes and assessments that are automatically generated from standard lists and tables in the product documentation. See the assessments on classifying and sequencing information.

Pre-purchase evaluator training

This course is designed for potential new ACME customers, guiding them through an early assessment of their teleportation requirements before they arrive at the ACME showroom. This course is built by reusing marketing content and product documentation and highlights the impact this information can have when re-purposed to support pre-purchase behavior.