Drag and drop categorization knowledge checks in Honeycomb


When the answer to a question requires the learner to sort or classify multiple items into different groups, add a drag and drop categorization knowledge check to your Honeycomb course. You can use any number of categories, and each category needs a minimum of two items. The learner drags and drops each block, from the right, into the correct category on the left, then clicks a Submit button. After two incorrect attempts, a Solution button displays, and the learner can click it to reveal the correct categorizations.

  • To create a drag and drop categorization knowledge check:

  1. Create a topic based on the Knowledge Check Drag and Drop Categorization template.

  2. Place the slide topic at Level 1 in the book contents, or inside an assessment group.

  3. Add the slide's question or introduction, using any style except Lists and special Honeycomb-related styles.

  4. Add the content for each part of the categorization.

  5. Apply the paragraph style List Bullet to the categories.

  6. Apply the paragraph style List Bullet 2 to the items under each category.

    Note: Each category should have at least two items.

After you have entered all the required details in this topic, it should look like this example.

DAD categorisation topic text