Creating the HTML file


For video, YouTube video, audio, or animation, Author-it uses a file object to embed a piece of HTML code that links to the video, audio, or animation file(s).

The HTML file created here is for a video file. This same method applies to audio and animation.

  • To create the HTML file:

  1. Create a new text file in Notepad.

  2. Copy or type the following lines into Notepad:

    <video src="Adding_Videos.mp4">



  3. Replace "Adding_Videos.mp4" with the file name of your video file.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Change the extension of the file from txt to html.

  6. Copy the HTML file and the applicable video/audio/animation files to the external resources folder that is used for video, audio, or animation content.

For embedded YouTube/Vimeo videos, iframe controls are required in the HTML, so it should look like this:


<iframe height="360" src="" </iframe>


The width of the iframe is automatically set to the maximum available width.