Creating grid slides with thirds of the width


To create these slide grids, two levels of topic need to be added to the book contents.

  • At level 1, place the topic based on the appropriate grid slide template. This creates the grid slide.

  • At level 2 below the grid slide, place topics containing the text and other content to display.

    Add one level 2 topic for each of the grid elements. There is always two required, for example:

    In case the content of the level 2 topics does not fit in the grid, a ellipses button displays.

    When you click the ellipses button, the complete level 2 topic opens in a popup.

For information about image dimensions and scaling, refer to Image size requirements

  • To create a grid slide:

  1. Create a topic at level 1 in the presentation book structure, based on one of the grid slide templates.

  2. Include a subtitle.

  3. Add two level 2 topics, by creating or re-using topics based on the Topic template.

  4. Place these as sub-topics to the Slide topic.

  5. Add the content for these level 2 topics.

  6. Place them in the order you want them to appear on the grid. Refer to Grid layouts and topic order for specific information on this.