Creating grid slides with rows/columns


All these grids are created in much the same way. Two or three levels of topic need to be added to the presentation book, depending on the type of content.

  • At level 1, place the topic based on the appropriate grid slide template. This creates the grid slide.

  • At level 2 below the grid slide, place topics containing the image, video or animation that show in the grid.

    Add one level 2 topic for each grid element. For example if using a 2x2 grid you need 4 level 2 topics.

  • If using an image at level 2 you can add a further level 3 topic for each image. This provides the explanatory information that is displayed in a separate popup window for the image.

    Add one level three topic per image. If there is no explanatory information needed for an image, the level 3 topic can be omitted.

For example, for a 2x2 grid, the book contents would use three levels:

For information about image dimensions and scaling, refer to Image size requirements

  • To create a row/column grid slide:

  1. Create a topic at level 1 in the presentation book structure, based on one of the grid slide templates.

  2. Include a subtitle.

  3. For the level 2 topics, create or re-use topics based on the ImageNoHeading CH template. Use for image, video or animation. The topic heading will not show in the grid with the topic content.

  4. Place these as sub-topics to the Slide topic.

  5. Add the image, video or animation content for the level 2 topics by creating or re-using a file object.

    Whatever you add to these topics will appear in the grid element.

  6. Place them in the order you want them to appear on the grid. Refer to Grid layouts and topic order for specific information on this.

  7. For the level 3 topics, create or re-use topics based on any template. The topic heading will appear as the popup title.

  8. Add the content for the popup.

  9. Place each one as a sub-topic to the related level 2 topic.