Creating carousel slides


For carousels, three levels of topic need to be added to the book contents. For example:

  • At level 1, place the topic based on the Carousel CH template. This creates the carousel slide.

  • At level 2, place topics containing the carousel images. Add one level 2 topic for each image.

  • At level 3, place topics containing the explanatory information that is displayed in a separate popup window for each image. If there is no explanatory information for an image, the level 3 topic is not needed.

For information about image dimensions and scaling, refer to Image size requirements

  • To create a carousel slide:

  1. Create a topic at level 1 in the presentation book structure, based on the Carousel CH or Carousel CH FullScreen template.

  2. Include a sub title, and introduction, if required.

  3. For the level 2 topics, create or re-use topics with a file object.

  4. Place these as sub-topics to the Slide topic.

  5. Add an image file object to each of the level 2 topics and apply the ClickableImage style.

  6. Any text in this topic, below the file object, is placed as an overlay on top of the image.

  7. For the level 3 topics, create or re-use topics based on a general topic template. The topic heading will appear as the popup title.

  8. Add the content for the popup.

  9. Place each one as a sub-topic to the related level 2 topic.