Creating a transcript for audio files


The WBT output allows for a transcript for audio. When you add an audio file to a topic, it starts playing automatically when the user opens the slide. Transcript only works in combination with an audio file in the parent topic. If audio is missing, the transcript does not display.

To add an audio file and create a transcript:

  1. Create a topic, and then add a file object with an audio file.

  2. Create a topic based on the Closed Caption template, and then do one of the following:

    • For a static topic or slide, make the transcript topic a child of the topic containing the audio file.

    • For an interactive slide that has elements containing additional transcript objects, make the slide's transcript topic the last child element of the main slide.

      In this example, Accordion topic 2 has a separate transcript of its own as a child element. The transcript for the main slide is a child element of the main slide, at the same level as the other child topics.

  3. Type the transcript text in the transcript topic.

  4. Save and close the transcript topic and the book.

After you publish, you can open the transcript in the output by clicking the transcript button in the navigation menu at the bottom.