Create a custom theme for Magellan


The look and feel of Magellan, as well as certain behaviour, is controlled by its themes. Magellan can have several themes, all of which are stored in the Templates\Magellan Themes folder. Several example themes based on different colors are added on installation. You can update the default themes or create new themes.

Magellan Themes

  • Create the theme folder:

  1. Locate the Templates\Magellan Themes folder.

  2. Rename an example theme folder or create a new one for your customization.

  • Add the theme to the Author Theme variable:

    Note: This is an Author-it Administrator task.

  1. Go to File > Manage Variables.

  2. Select the <Theme> variable.

  3. In the Value field, click [...]

  4. Click Add.

  5. Enter the exact name of the folder that you created in the Templates\Magellan Themes folder.

  • Customize the theme:

  1. Customize the theme's configuration by uploading a new themeconfig.json file to Templates\Magellan Themes\{theme name}

    themeconfig.json is used to switch parts of the Magellan website ON or OFF, or configure the way it operates.

  2. Upload a new loading rotator logo to Templates\Magellan Themes\{theme name}

  3. Upload a new favicon to Templates\Magellan Themes\{theme name}

  4. Upload a new background image and logo to Templates\Magellan Themes\{theme name}\images

  5. Localize the Magellan dynamic text by uploading a new language resource text file to Templates\Magellan Themes\{theme name}\assets\resources\<language>

  6. Customize the appearance of the Magellan site by uploading new themestyles.css and contentstyles.css files to Templates\Magellan Themes\{theme name}\css