Create a Honeycomb course


Although there are a large number of options for your Honeycomb course, the basic steps for creating one are creating a Honeycomb book, then adding slides to it.

  1. Create a book based on the Honeycomb Course template.

    Note: The name of your Honeycomb template may be different.

  2. Add static slides to the book.

  3. Add interactive slides.

  4. If required, add knowledge checks.

  5. If required, add knowledge assessments.

    Tip! You can group Honeycomb slides in sub-books, then put the sub-books into your honeycomb course. You can even put Honeycomb courses into other Honeycomb courses.

  6. If the course used extra files, such as PDFs, add those files to the course's resources section.

  7. Add a glossary.