Convert EPS Files to PDF


If your File objects contain EPS files, the EPS files must be converted to PDF. Antenna House does not support EPS files. You can convert the EPS to PDF with Ghostscript.

  1. Go to and install Ghostscript (AGPL version available)

  2. Open the PDF ProCSS publishing profile, Actions tab.

  3. Modify the Before Publishing Copy Action to include all vbs files. For running Ghostscript, the ghostscript.vbs is needed. The copy action is used to bypass any security issues with running a vbs over a network. A bat file can also be used, if vbs is not allowed.

  4. Open ghostscript.vbs in a text editor to verify that the path to Ghostscript is correct.

  5. Add a Command Line action before the Generate PDF output action, to convert eps-files to PDF.