Cloud notification email


When publishing completes

The server sends an email telling you that the publishing job has completed successfully and is now available to access. The email includes the following links: View, Download, and View Log.

Note: If you are not logged in to Contribute you will be prompted for your login credentials before you can download the published output or view the log. If you are already logged in, the log will open in a new browser window or tab (Internet Explorer should be set as your default browser.)


Email Successful Publishing Job

  • View: the published content can be viewed. For example, HTML or XML output is opened in a browser window, PDF is opened in PDF reader, the Word document is opened in Word (after selecting Open from the File Download window).

  • Download: the contents from the publishing folder are zipped; from the File Download window you can choose to open the zip file or save it locally.

  • View Log: Click the link to open the publishing job.

If publishing fails

The server sends an email explaining why the publishing job has failed. The email includes a link to the publishing log with additional details for resolving the issue.