Clickable buttons slides in Honeycomb


Use clickable buttons slides in Honeycomb courses to explain a set of related topics. For example, the buttons can explain a product or service. When the learner clicks on a button, the course displays an explanation of one item or concept. The learner can click the buttons, one at a time, in any order, to explore the different items or concepts.

Button content placement on slide2

  • To create a clickable buttons slide:

To add either type of button to a course:

  1. Create a slide topic (parent) based on the Buttons Plain or Buttons Images template.

  2. Place the slide topic at Level 1 in the book contents.

  3. For each button, create a content topic based on any template (except the special Honeycomb templates) or reuse an existing topic.

  4. Place the content topic as a child element to the slide topic.

This example shows how your slide structure would look when the slide and elements are placed correctly.