Change HTML template encoding


By default, the HTML publishing templates in Author-it are set to use UTF-8 as the charset and encoding. However, if required, you can override this by assigning an alternative charset in the templates, or by using a body_template.htm file. With this method, all pages using the customized template file will use the specified encoding instead of the default UTF-8 encoding. (The body_template.htm file is set in the topic's Media object on the Web tab.)

Note: The method using the body_template.htm file applies to HTML Pages, XHTML, and HTML Help.

  • If no template is selected, or the default template is being used, then the output uses UTF-8.

  • If a modified template is being used then the output uses the settings from the template. This means if the charset is set to UTF-16 or ISO-8859-1 by the template, then the published output also uses that charset.

  • Changing the charset and encoding used by a template:

  1. Open the template using Notepad.

  2. Change the charset specified in the header tags.

  3. Save the template by choosing the "Save As" option and selecting the appropriate Encoding option from the drop-down list.