Buttons with images slides in Honeycomb


Adding accordion slides to Honeycomb courses lets you use a number of illustrated learning techniques, including the sequence of a visual process or details that support an overall item or concept. For example, a main image displays an overview of the item or concept, while the buttons with images display the details. When the learner clicks a button, an explanation of that specific detail displays.

  • To create a buttons with images slide:

To add either type of button to a course:

  1. Create a slide topic (parent) based on the Buttons Plain or Buttons Images template.

  2. Place the slide topic at Level 1 in the book contents.

  3. For each button, create a content topic based on any template (except the special Honeycomb templates) or reuse an existing topic.

  4. Place the content topic as a child element to the slide topic.

This example shows how your slide structure would look when the slide and elements are placed correctly.

  • To add images to a buttons with images slide:

When creating a buttons image slide, you need to add the images.

In the parent slide topic, include a file object for each button in consecutive paragraphs, and then apply the ClickableImage style to all of those paragraphs.

For the slide to function properly, you must have the same number of images as element topics. During publishing, Author-it matches the images to the element topics in the same order: the first image is matched to the first child element topic, and so on.