Book List


The book list displays the books that can be published using the chosen profile. The list details include the book's Description, template, last modification details, code, release state, last publish date and the time taken to complete publishing.

Book List


Book List Toolbar


Book List

Book List Toolbar

  • Add to Batch: After selecting the books you want to publish choose Add to Batch. A publishing job is created for each book for the chosen output format and added to the All Jobs and Pending tabs. Books in the Pending tab are ready for publishing.

  • Publish Now: Select a book and choose Publish Now to begin a publishing job immediately for the chosen book.

  • Show Command Line: Displays the command line used for publishing the selected book. The command line details can be used to build command line actions.

  • Show All Books/Show Recent Books: For libraries with a large number of books these options are used to toggle between displaying the 100 most recently modified books for the selected publishing profile or display all books for the selected profile.

    Show Recent Books Show All Books

    • The default action when the publishing console is first opened is to display the 100 most recently modified books. To change the display to show all books click the Show All Books option.

    • When the full list of books is displayed choose Show Recent Books to display only the 100 most recently modified books.

      Note: These options will only affect the number of books displayed in the list if there are more than 100 books for the selected publishing profile.

  • Search: The Search function lets you locate specific books by filtering the book list. Once you have completed the search you can view the full list of books again by completing a search without any filters (clear the search field and select the search button).

  • To Filter the Book List:

  1. Click in the search field.

  2. Enter part of the book's description.

  3. Select the search button to begin the search.