Author-it output formats


Use Author-it to publish content in a variety of output formats, all from a single-source library (database). This means that you can change the content in one place, and your changes will be contained in each output format the next time you publish to that output format.

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Author-it uses publishing profiles to determine several factors, including:

  • To which outputs a book can be published

  • Which users can publish using which profiles

  • The release states content must be in for the content to be included

Profiles are fully customizable. You create as many additional profiles as you need to suit your requirements and your deliverables.

The output formats Author-it publishes to are:

Author-it has unlimited publishing potential — using industry standard XML, it can create nearly any document or file type, publish directly to other services, or even publish directly into apps. If there's an output you're interested in and you can't find set setup instructions for it in the Author-it Knowledge Center, contact your Author-it representative.