Add keywords to a topic for Magellan outputs


In Magellan outputs, keywords can be added to a topic to provide logical search terms or words that might not be included in the text. For example, a book contains a topic on assembling a piece of equipment. By adding relevant keywords to the topic, a search using assemble, installing, or setup can still find the appropriate topic even though these words have not been used in the procedure.

  1. In Author, create an index entry, or locate an existing one.

  2. Open the index entry and click Web.

  3. Enter your keyword as the Entry text.

    The Entry text determines the keyword and index entry in Magellan outputs. This could be the same as the description of the index-entry object, or different, depending on your organisation's requirements.

  4. Click Entry Links.

  5. Locate topics that you want to add your keyword to, then drag and drop them into the Entry links tab.

  6. Open the index object used by your Magellan output.

  7. Click Index Entries.

  8. Drag and drop the index entry into the Index Entries tab.

    Using Index Entries to Add Keywords

  9. Click Web.

  10. Select Index entries.

    This ensures that index entries are included in the index when you publish to web formats or Magellan.

Next time you publish a Magellan output that uses this index, the topics you placed inside the index entry will include that index entry as a keyword.