Add content tiles to a Magellan landing page



A Landing Page can optionally contain Landing Page Content. It comprises:

  • The Landing Page Content topic.

    This topic can include text, which is displayed on the landing page between the rotator and the promoted content tiles.

  • Sub-topics for each tile in the promoted content.

    These topics can contain text, images and a single hyperlink. This hyperlink becomes the link from the whole tile. The target of the hyperlink can be to any page or object inside or outside the generated site. Any other hyperlink in the topic is published as ordinary text with no link.

If you don`t want any promoted content, do not include any of these topics in the book.

  • To set up the landing page content:

  1. In the Magellan book, create a new topic based on the [LandingPageContent] template, as follows:

    • Right-click in the book contents.

    • Select: New > Topic > Magellan Template > [LandingPageContent].

      Note: This is just one way of creating a new topic. Use whichever method you prefer.

  2. Use the green arrows on the book contents toolbar to adjust its position to below the Landing Page topic, and as a sub-topic.

  3. Enter any text into this topic that you want to appear above the promoted content tiles. Keep it fairly brief as there is limited space.

  4. For each promoted content tile, create a new topic based on the [LandingPageContentItem] template.

  5. Use the green arrows to adjust its position to below the Landing Page Content topic, and as a sub-topic.

  6. Enter the information you want to appear in the promoted content tile to the topic. Include a hyperlink to another topic in the site, or to an external page.

    If using a hyperlink template that is set on the Web tab to open in a new window, links to topics within the site are opened in the same browser tab, and links to external websites open in a new browser tab.

  7. Add more topics in the same way for each promoted content tile.