Actions tab


The publishing profile contains a set of before and after publish actions.

All actions are referring to specific files in specific locations. Make sure that these files exist in these locations.

The copy action for hv_src looks like this:

It copies the content of the hv_src folder including sub folders from the templates folder to the publishing folder.

The Process Honeycomb Command looks like this:

The command line calls the Honeycomb processor with the following parameters:




-d Document

Specifies the URI of the target ZIP document to be processed. If this parameter is omitted, a simple command-line error message appears and processing stops without formatting.

-o Output-File

Specifies the path name of the resulting output file. If this parameter is omitted, the result will be written to folder path of parameter -d.

-x Error-Level


Permits setting the error level at which Honeycomb will stop processing and abort the job.

  1. Information

  2. Warning

  3. Error

If a fatal error occurs, the process will always be aborted.


Suppresses the output of error information. Error information is sent to folder path of parameter -o, or parameter -d if parameter -o is omitted.

-s SCORM-Version


Specifies the SCORM version of the resulting output file.

The following parameters are valid:

SCORM 1.2 [1.2]

SCORM 2004 [2004]

Only xAPI [xapi]

SCORM 1.2 + xAPI [1.2_xapi]

SCORM 2004 + xAPI [2004_xapi]

The publishing profile refers to the Prompt on Publish variable SCORM_VERSION.