Action Tab - Magellan


Publishing actions - Magellan

During Publishing the following actions happen:

  1. AuthorIT exports the XML to XSLT. The XSLT is then converted by SAXON to html.

  2. The search engine is generated.

  3. The AuthorIT.xslt file is removed from the folder. This file is generated in step 1 and is no longer necessary.

  4. The file ResolvedXML.xsd is deleted. This file defines the elements of the XML and generates the "uneditable" css files in the output. It is no longer necessary in the final output.

  5. The <SYS_PUBLISH_FILENAME> is used in a command line action or publishing profile and provides the output filename and file type. It is redundant after publishing and can be deleted.

  6. The content is moved to the publishing folder which you have defined during theMagellan setup.

  7. The Engine and Themes are moved to the publishing folder.

  8. The Landing page is opened.