Presentations With Author-it Chrysalis

The following variables are used for Chrysalis output:

  • CHURL: allows you to define the final URL where you make the presentation available. This URL is used for configuring the download locations of the Windows and IOS packages. Assign the variable to the Chrysalis book. Make sure that the value starts with http://
  • CHTheme: defines the theme for the presentation. The default setting is ch-theme1. The theme variable allows you to change the look and feel of the slides. You can assign the variable to the Chrysalis book or to a level 1 topic in the book. By default ch-theme1, ch-theme2 and ch-theme3 are supported. You can modify these themes or add your own ones.
  • SlideTransitionTime: when running the presentation as a slideshow (in kiosk mode) this defines the transition time between slides, in seconds. Also, if audio is present on slide, the transition time will be defined by the audio duration.
  • ItemTransitionTime: defines the transition time of the elements within a slide, in seconds. If you set it to 0, all slide content appears immediately.
  • SlideTransitionEffect: defines the effect used for moving from one slide to the next, and for displaying items on a slide. The default is effect-5.
  • PresentationAutoStart: defines whether the presentation is automatically opened in slideshow mode or manual mode. The default is manual mode (false).