Topic templates

Presentations With Author-it Chrysalis

Your library contains a set of topic templates in two Object Templates folders, each of which has a specific purpose for creating Chrysalis presentations output. Most of the templates in the Chrysalis folder have an equivalent FullScreen version in the Chrysalis FullScreen folder. Both create the same slide layout, but in the published presentation, the full screen version shows only the slide content - it hides the headings and footer elements.

It is important to understand the purpose of each topic template so you know when to use it for topics. Here are the configured Chrysalis templates with the folder they can be found in. Use the link to see details about the slide types each create. If relevant, the table shows the media objects that are attached to the topic templates. Because the Chrysalis output is web output, only the web media object is shown.

Topic Template


Web Media Object

Chrysalis folder

Carousel CH

Honeycomb Carousel*

ImageNoHeading CH

Grids to hide content topic headings

Chrysalis ImageNoHeading

Presentation Metadata CH

Presentation Footer content and default background image

Chrysalis Metadata

Presenter Notes CH

Chrysalis Presenter Notes

Preview Child CH

Chrysalis Slide Preview Button

Slide 2x1 CH

Chrysalis Slide 2x1

Slide 2x2 CH

Chrysalis Slide 2x2

Slide 3x1 CH

Chrysalis Slide 3x1

Slide 3x2 CH

Chrysalis Slide 3x2

Slide 1-2x2 CH

Chrysalis Slide 1-2x2

Slide 2x2-1 CH

Chrysalis Slide 2x2-1

Slide 1/3x2/3 CH

Chrysalis Slide 1/3x2/3

Slide 2/3x1/3 CH

Chrysalis Slide 2/3x1/3

Slide 4Grid Complex CH

Chrysalis Slide 4GridComplex

Slide CH

Chrysalis Slide

Slide Section CH

Chrysalis Slide Section

Slide Title CH

Chrysalis Slide Title

Folder: AG Chrysalis FullScreen

Slide 2x1 CH FullScreen

Chrysalis Slide 2x1 FS

Slide 2x2 CH FullScreen

Chrysalis Slide 2x2 FS

Slide 3x1 CH FullScreen

Chrysalis Slide 3x1 FS

Slide 3x2 CH FullScreen

Chrysalis Slide 3x2 FS

Slide 1-2x2 CH FullScreen

Chrysalis Slide 1-2x2 FS

Slide 2x2-1 CH FullScreen

Chrysalis Slide 2x2-1 FS

Slide 1/3x2/3 CH FullScreen

Chrysalis Slide 1/3x2/3 FS

Slide 2/3x1/3 CH FullScreen

Chrysalis Slide 2/3x1/3 FS

Slide 4Grid Complex CH FullScreen

Chrysalis Slide 4GridComplex FS

Slide CH FullScreen

Chrysalis Slide FS

* Honeycomb is the Author-it eLearning output. Chrysalis reuses some Honeycomb templates, styles and media objects.