Presentations With Author-it Chrysalis

All existing styles can be used for slide content in the Chrysalis output.

Your library contains the following styles that are specific for Chrysalis presentations output. After installation of Chrysalis and the Chrysalis object xml import, these styles can be found in the Styles CH folder.

Style Name



Apply to file objects that will become a background image of the slide.

Footer Image 1

Footer Image 2

Footer Copyright

Apply to three topic paragraphs that contain the left, center and right elements for a footer.

Please note that these styles must have special names on the Style Definition tab:

Footer Image 1 should be FooterImg1

Footer Image 2 should be FooterImg2

Footer Copyright should be FooterCopy


Apply to words with a hyperlink applied, to create a button with the link, for example:

Please note that this style must have a special name on the Style Definition tab:

LinkButton should be Navigation.


Apply the hv_noprocess style to paragraphs with file objects that contain special animations. This prevents any automized processing of the animations by the Chrysalis processor.


Apply the ClickableImage style to paragraphs that contain a file object used for a carousel.

Sub Title

To add a sub title to a slide