Setting a theme

Presentations With Author-it Chrysalis

  • Choose a theme for the whole presentation by setting < CHTheme > for the presentation book.
  • If you want a different theme for individual slides, choose a different < CHTheme > value for the slide topic.
  • If you want a different background for individual slides, set a background image for the slide topic that will be used instead of the theme colour.
  • If you want a different transition effect for an individual slide, you can override the value set by the theme for that one slide. See Slide transition effects
  • If you want a different theme for the user interface, change the reference to the ui-theme css in the index.htm file in ch_src.

To set a theme for a whole presentation

  1. Select the book (but do not open it).
  2. Choose right-click > Variables > Show variable assignments.
  3. In the left window, select the < CHTheme > variable by clicking it once, and then click .
  4. In the Value field, choose the ch-theme1 from the drop-down list.
  5. Click OK twice.