General structure of a slide type

Presentations With Author-it Chrysalis

Standard slide types use one topic, placed at the highest level of the book contents, in which you add the required text, images, audio, and other content.

All the available Interactive slide types have the same topic setup requirements, using at least two topics.

In the highest level of the book structure (level 1), insert a topic based on one of the Chrysalis topic templates. Use this topic to include a sub title for the slide.

Topics that are inserted as children of the level 1 topic are used to create and contain the content for the interactive elements (panels, popups, events). These topics should be based on the following templates.

  • For Grids use the ImageNoHeading template for the Level 2 child topics, which contain the images (or videos/animation for grids), and a general topic template for the popup of information with each image, for example:

  • For timelines and accordions, use a general topic template so you have the content topics as level 2, for example: