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In Author the ribbons are designed so you can quickly find the commands you need by bringing menu options into full view. Whether you are an author or designer, or if you are reviewing or publishing your documents, you can find the commands you need at a glance.

The ribbons contain a series of role-based tabs for working in the library, or in the Editor. Each tab includes commands that are grouped according to an action, for example formatting text, or inserting images, symbols, and links. Some command groups also include a dialog box launcher, giving you immediate access to settings for the action you're working with.

In addition to the standard tabs, there are also context-based tabs that only display when you are completing certain actions. An example is the Layout tab which contains the commands for formatting tables. When the cursor is inside a table the Layout tab is accessible, when you continue working with topic text the tab is hidden.

Ribbons, Tabs, Commands


Example: Editor ribbon Tab


Command Group


Dialog Box Launcher



In our procedures you'll notice that the naming convention we use is based on the "path" to the command, Tab > Command Group > Command, for example, Edit > Insert > Insert File object.

Video: Exploring the Ribbons (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hhwCkp2hiY)