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The Navigation pane on the left of the Object List is your access point for locating content in the library. Using the pane you can:

  • Open the library Folders List

  • Display Search options, as a basic text search or an advanced object search

  • Open the Publishing Console (on-premises)

The Navigation pane includes the content pane where the library folder list and search options are displayed. For on-premises, when the publishing tab is selected, the content pane displays the console for batch publishing.

The tabs at the bottom of the pane, can be customized to provide more room for the content pane.

Navigation Pane


The Navigation Pane


Navigation Pane Content


Navigation Pane Tabs

The Navigation pane can be resized by dragging the right border, making the pane narrower or wider. To resize the pane, move the cursor to the pane's right border, when the cursor changes a double-headed arrow drag the border to the left or right.