Manage tab

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Manage tab buttons are grouped into four functional areas: Folders, Versioning, XML, and Data.


Create New Folder

Create New Folder

Creates a new folder below the selected folder.

Refresh Folders

Refresh Folders

Refreshes the library's folder List.

Delete Folder

Delete Folder

Deletes the selected folder.

Move Folder

Move Folder

Opens a window so you choose a new location for the selected folder.


Show Folder Properties

Opens the folder's properties.

Rename Folder

Rename Folder

Opens a window for renaming the selected folder.


Duplicate Object

Duplicate Object

Used to create a copy of the selected object, with a new object code, and move the object to a specified folder.

Replace Object

Replace Object

Replaces one object with another object in all the object's relationships.

Create New Object

Create New Version

Used in version control. Creates a new version of a selected object, with the same object code. The original version of the object remains active until you are ready to make the new version active.

Make Active

Make Version Active

Used in version control. Makes the selected version of an object the active version.


View XML

View Objects as XML

Opens a window so you can view the selected objects as XML. Use the Copy button to copy and paste the XML into another file.


View Objects as XML Style sheet

Opens a window so you can view the selected objects as XML. This option uses a style sheet.

Save XML

Save Objects as XML

Saves the selected objects as XML. Opens the Save As window so you can name the XML files and save them to a specific location.

Zip and Email XML

Zip and Email Objects as XML

Saves and zips the selected objects as XML. Sends you an email message with the zipped XML files included as attachments.



Delete Object

Deletes the selected object from the library.

Structure Builder

Structure Builder

Opens the structure builder for the selected book or topic template.