Library Explorer right-click menu

Navigate Author

Additional menu options are available if you right click an object in the Topic Editor.

Switches to the selected topic in the open book

Opens the selected object in a new window

Locates the selected object in the library

Creates a new object

Removes the selected object from the open book. If the object doesn't appear in any other content, the you will get a prompt asking if you'd like to delete the object completely.

Create a new variant of the selected object

Cut, copy, or paste the selected object

Show the objects used by the selected object and the objects the selected object uses.

See an object's save history

Sort all of the children of the selected object into alphabetical order

Sort all of the selected object's siblings into alphabetical order

Show variable assignments, variable usage, or assign a variable to the selected object

Change the release state of the selected object

Apply or change the selected object's template

Create a new variant of the selected object, remove the variant association, convert the object to a variant, or edit it if it's an existing variant

Opens the Object Properties of the selected object

Creates a boilerplate object for the selected book

Exports the selected topic to a translator tool