Keyboard shortcut keys in the ribbon

Navigate Author

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the ribbon. The keyboard shortcuts are used on the tabs in both the Library Explorer and the Editor, and for commands on the tabs. The ALT key toggles the focus between the content and the shortcut keys.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Display the tab and command shortcuts:

  1. Press Alt to display the tab shortcuts. You can do this from the Library Explorer, or when a book or topic is open in the Editor. A shortcut for each tab is displayed.

  2. Press the assigned shortcut key to open a tab, or move the focus to the tab if it is currently open. A shortcut for each command is displayed when the tab is opened or given the focus.

  3. Press the assigned shortcut key for the command action on the tab.

Return focus to the content or window :

  • When the tab or the commands have the focus, press Alt again to return the focus to the content.

Move from the command shortcuts to the tab shortcuts:

  • When the command shortcuts are displayed, press Esc to move back to the tab shortcuts. If the tab has the focus, pressing Esc closes the shortcuts and returns the focus to the content.

Expand or collapse the ribbon:

  • Press CTRL+F1 to expand or collapse the ribbon.