File Preview pane in the Properties window

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On the Properties window for a File object, each of the output tabs includes a Preview pane that lets you view the graphics, OLE object, or other files. Use this pane to insert and save an embedded picture or OLE object instead of linking to an external file. Author takes care of converting the embedded image to the appropriate format for each output.

File Preview Pane

File Preview Pane Menu

Use Preview pane menu commands to add or update files in the File object.

  • Click Insert, then:

    • Insert Picture: inserts an embedded picture in the output tab.

    • Insert OLE object: inserts an embedded OLE object, make sure the source type is also set to Embedded Picture or OLE object.

      Note: Embedded OLE objects cannot be opened for editing. If you need to make changes to the file, use a Linked OLE object.

  • Open: opens the image file or Linked OLE object for editing.

  • Clear: deletes the file from the output tabs:

    • When you use an embedded source type, the image or file is deleted from all tabs where the embedded file is used.

    • When you use a linked source type, the image or file is only deleted from the selected tab.

File Preview Pane

Shows a preview of the embedded or linked external file, picture or OLE object. Double-click the preview to edit the file.