Dock tabs inside the Editor

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The tab pane, or individual tabs can be docked against any of the Editor's edges. When you drag a tab over one of the docking icons a shaded rectangle identifies where the tab will docked.

Any changes you make to the tab locations will be remembered by the Editor, and will be displayed in the same location when you open the Editor again. You can use the Reset Panels option on the Editor's View tab to return all of the tabs to their original location.

Note: If you open a topic in the Editor (compared to opening a book in the Editor) you can move the tabs for that particular window. Any changes you make will not affect the layout in the Editor when you open a book.

Docking Tabs Inside the Editor OP Release 2020

When you dock the tabs around the Editor the following icons are displayed:

This Icon

Does This

Docking positions in the Topic Editor OP Release 2020

Drop a tab onto one of the icons to dock the tab inside the topic pane.

Docking position in the Editor window OP Release 2020

Drop a tab onto one of the individual icons to dock it in the outer edges of the editor window.

Docking positions in the tab window OP Release 2020

Drop a tab onto one of the four outside pane icons to create a stacked tab pane. (The pane icons appear when you drag a tab onto another tab.) Drop a tab onto the center icon to create a nested tab pane.

  • To Dock Tabs Inside the Editor:

  • Click on the tab name or title bar and drag the tab over an icon in the Editor until the docking position turns blue, drop the tab in its new location.

Parts of the Tab Pane OP Release 2020


Tab Title Bar


Tab Name