Column layout options on the object List

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Column Header Bar

The column layout options in Author enable user customization of the Object List. The customizations are saved per user and per folder.

Add, remove, re-order, or reset columns to the default layout. Objects in the Library Explorer can be sorted based on the information held in any column (for example, object icon type, object description).

Access the column options by right-clicking anywhere in the column header bar. Click a column header to sort by that column or click again to reverse sort by that column.

Default columns

The default columns in the Object List are:

  • Object icon

  • Description

  • Based on

  • Modified

  • Modified by

  • Code

  • Version

  • State

Variant columns

In addition to the default columns, each time you create variants in your Library a column is created to display the variant's value. These columns can be shown or hidden, or set to auto (if there is a variant object the current folder the column is shown, if there aren't any variant objects the column is not shown). Any variant columns set to auto are identified with a square icon in the column list, otherwise the columns display a check mark if you show the column, or no check mark if you hide the column. The default setting is Auto.

Note: The right-click Arrange by options are not available for Variant columns. Variant columns cannot be sorted because variant objects are located under their primary object.

Auto Option for Variant Column



Reset the default layout

Right-click the column header bar to click Reset default layout

Re-order columns

Click the column name in the column header bar, then drag the column to the new location

Sort objects by column type

Right-click the column header bar and click Arrange by to display the column menu, then click the column name in the menu to re-sort the objects in the Library Explorer.


Click the column name in the column header bar

Reverse sort objects

Right-click the column header bar and choose Reverse Sort to reverse the sorting of all objects shown in the Library Explorer. This action is based on the last column that was sorted


Click the column name in the column header bar. To change the object order in the column click the column name again.