Inserting a new graphic or OLE object

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

The following topics describe how to create new File objects in your library. If you have already used a graphic in your content, use the steps for inserting a graphic that already has a File object or inserting File object using the thumbnail window.

When you add a graphic, decide if you want to use an embedded File object or a linked File object. When you use linked graphics you have the option of choosing different graphics for each output you publish to. In addition, you can use a linked URL image to add a graphic that is stored on a web server.

OLE objects

You can also include external files in your topics using a File object to link to an OLE object, or embed an OLE object with a small file size.

Best practice: we recommend linking rather than embedding OLE objects.

When using an embedded OLE object, the file's content is displayed in the topic, however changes to that original file will not be reflected in Author.

If you need to edit the original file, consider using a linked OLE object (note, when using this option the object will not be displayed in the topic). OLE types such as Microsoft Equation and Excel load the file content for editing, however some OLE types (such as WordPad) do not load the content, and as a result cannot be edited.

HTML does not support linked OLE objects so that option is not available in the File object on the Web tab.