Insert a new embedded image

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

New embedded images are added to the topic using the Insert Picture dialog box and an embedded image template.

Insert Picture

Insert/Edit Picture

Behaviors when working with embedded images

  • When an embedded image template is chosen, the Picture Source field in the Insert Picture dialog box is updated to show Embedded, and the Browse button is displayed.

  • Selecting the Browse button displays an Open file dialog box used to locate the image on the local machine or network. Once the image has been selected the pathway to the image is displayed in the location field to the left of the browse button.

  • The preview pane on the right of the dialog box displays the image, so you can see the selected image before adding it to the topic and creating the new file object in the Library.

  • To Insert an Embedded Image into a Topic:

  1. Move the cursor to the point in the topic where you want to add the image.

  2. Click the Insert/Edit Picture button on the Topic Toolbar to open the Insert Picture dialog box.

  3. Type the File object name in the Description field.

  4. Select a template for embedded images from the Based on Template drop-down list. The form refreshes and displays a Browse button.

    Insert New Embedded Image

  5. Use the Browse button and navigate to the image file. The pathway to the image is added to the field next to the Browse button.

  6. Use the Preview button to display the image in the preview pane.

    Note: When you choose the Preview button the image is added to the database and the path is removed.

  7. Click Create to add the image to the topic, and create the new File object in the library.