Insert a hyperlink

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

The source text, or hot spot, enables you to create a relationship between text in your topic and a Hyperlink object. In your Help and Web outputs the text becomes a clickable hyperlink, while in your print outputs it turns into page number cross references or footnotes.

The Select Hyperlink window is used to apply or edit existing Hyperlink objects, or you can create new objects.

  • To insert a hyperlink:

  1. Select the source text in your topic.

  2. Click Edit > Insert > Insert Hyperlink Object. The Select Hyperlink window opens, listing available Hyperlink objects in your library. Alternatively, you can view links in a specific folder. Select the folder in the Library Explorer's folder pane, then choose Current Folder as the filter option. Click the option again to return to the full library search.

    Select a Hyperlink

  3. If the object you want is listed, select it then choose OK. If the object you want is not listed, choose New to create a new Hyperlink object.

When you insert the link, the source text is displayed with a blue underline to indicate a hypertext link.

Note: If no source text is highlighted, the Hyperlink object description is inserted at the cursor position and turned into a hot spot.