Insert a File object from the library

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

When the graphic you insert already has a File object in the library, simply use Author to insert that File object into your topic.

Tip: Drag the file object from the library or the book's contents into the topic text. to insert a File object in the topic text.

  • To insert an existing File object in a topic:

  1. Place the cursor in the topic where you want to insert the graphic.

  2. Click Edit > Insert > Insert File Object.

    The Select a File Object window opens.

    Set a One-to-One Relationship

  3. In the Folders pane, select the library folder containing the File object you want to use. The folder's contents display in the Object pane.

  4. Select the File object. If you have the preview option available, the contents of the file object appears in the Preview pane.

  5. Click OK to insert the File object into your topic.

  6. Save the changes to your topic.