Insert a File object from a thumbnail

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

Add File objects containing graphics already used in the library to topics by either inserting a file object directly from the library or, in the case of Author-it Cloud, by inserting a File object from a thumbnail.

The Insert File Object From Thumbnail window displays thumbnail images of all graphics in a selected folder.

Select any graphic in a specific folder, or use the drop-down list to browse to another folder in the library. Moving your cursor over the thumbnail image displays the File object's description and object code.

  • To insert a graphic from the Insert File Object from Thumbnail window:

  1. Place the cursor in the topic where you want to insert the graphic.

  2. Click Edit > Insert > Insert File Object From Thumbnail.

    The thumbnail images are displayed.

  3. In the Folder list, select the folder containing the images, or click the [...] button and browse to the folder containing the graphic you want to insert.

    Insert File Object from Thumbnails

    Note: Change the size of the thumbnail images by choosing options from the Thumbnail Size drop-down list at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Select the thumbnail image and then click OK to insert the File object into the topic.