Images in topics

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

The following options are available for adding images to your topics. You can also edit an existing File Object.

Insert Picture

Insert/Edit Picture

Insert Exising File Object

Insert Existing Picture

Insert File Object from Thumbnails

Insert File Object From Thumbnails

Insert or edit an image using Insert/Edit Picture

Adding a new image: When you need to insert a new image in a Topic, use the Insert Picture option. Use this option to add an image as a new embedded or new linked File object.

Editing an existing image: When you want to edit an existing File Object double-click the image to open the Edit Picture dialog box. Use this option to change the image file or any of the settings for the File Object.

The topic Insert New Picture Dialog Box Fields contains a description of the fields in Insert Picture dialog box.

Insert an existing image into your topic using Insert Existing Picture or Insert File Object From Thumbnails

Reusing an existing image: If a File object for the image already exists in the Library use the Insert Existing Picture option to search for and insert the image in your topic.

Finding an image using the thumbnails: Use Insert File Object from Thumbnails option to display thumbnails of the images in your Library, then select an image and insert it into your topic.